McDonald’s Secret Menu Items – Recipes

By on June 24, 2013

McDonalds is arguably the most innovative in fast food businesses around the world. We know it may be on the greasy or fatty spectrum but we just can’t get enough of them. Some of the menu items on the mcdonalds breakfast menu are almost as good as these, but the secret menu trumps them all. And even if we eat them more than we really should, it keeps tasting even better the next time we bite on those burgers and fries. What is McDonald’s secret?

Check out the secret menu/hidden menu items listed here for Mcdonalds…

Mcdonalds Secret Sandwiches/Burgers:

Poor Man’s Big Mac – aka. Mini Mac


“McGangbang” (with extra bread) Photo Credit: McDonald’s Secret Menu

McGangBang – alternatives: McB*tchin (spicy chicken patty)

McChicken and Waffles

Big McChicken

Monster Mac

The McLand Sea and Air Burger

Grilled Cheese

McKinley Mac

Mega Potato

Mcdonalds Secret Desserts/Drinks:




Coffee Float

Root Beer Float

Coke Float

The Neopolitan Milkshake

The Pie McFlurry

McLeprechaun Milkshake

*Cookie Tote – 13 Cookies

Testing Regionally – Horchata Frappe

Mcdonalds Secret Breakfast:



Biscuits and Gravy


Photo Credit: Victoria Granof


Mcdonalds Secret Sauces:

McNugget Dipping Sauces


Edit: Use this menu with caution! While some McDonald’s employees might have an idea what you’re talking about most of these items are created by readers themselves, so you’ll have to order each of the original menu items and piece them together yourself! I learned this the hard way, and yes, please refrain from asking your mom for a McGang, you know what.


Would you like to add any items to the Mcdonald’s Hidden Menu list? Feel free to email me or comment below! Here are some awesome links I found:

Thrillist posted a super comprehensive historical timeline of the McDonald’s Menu give them credit!

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  • patricia escamilla

    Love it!

    • tyler

      Mcgangbang please extra big mac sauce

  • jerrod sunderland

    you forgot about the cookie tote it 13 cookies for $3 plus tax

    • Joe

      Thanks will add soon.

      • jerrod sunderland

        i know its at the one i go to, but i’m not sure if its everywhere

  • Zac

    McBitchin = Spicy Chicken patty between the patties of a McDouble
    Mini Mac = Double Cheese with Special Sauce

  • zee

    Also if you feel like a sundai or mc flurry but don’t want to pay the $3-4
    You can ask for a soft serve in a lid with any topping you like for 50c extra. Etc chocolate hot sauce or Carmel or oreos or both

  • Andrew C

    You forgot mcchurger… mcchicken on top of mcdouble … Delicious

  • lifeanddeath2012

    Don’t forget the Incredible Hulk Poweraid + Hi-C = Hulk A very delicious green drink

  • Joseph

    McDouble with big mac sauce please.

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  • brucehf

    senior coffee

  • cmw

    “McGangBang”???? seriously???!!!

  • Karii

    I work @McDonalds & many have customers have odd request.. There was once a lady who asked for a snack wrap with no meat, i guess you can call that the veggie wrap!

    Also, one night my coworkers and I were alone with the manager and we made different shakes.
    Oreo Shake = Vanilla shake oreo pieces.
    M&M shake = 1/2 Vanilla shake, 1/2 icecream w/ m&m blended on Mc Cafe Machine.
    Reeses Milk Shake = same as m&m shake.
    Chocolate strawberry shake= 2/3 strawberry berry shake, 1/3 icecream with chocolate chips blended on McCafe Machine, chocolate around the cup..

    McStyle Fries: Order Medium Fries (Ask for it to be placed on a chicken nugget box, for large fries on a Quarter Pounder or Angus Box) With One Slice Of Cheese (Or More), Big Mac Sauce & Grilled Onions Optional!

    I wi think about more ! :)

  • Derek Stephens

    that isnt how you make a mcgangbang. I posted the recipe and a picture of it under the mcgangbang recipe in

    • Joseph

      Nice, yeah, looks like they left the extra bread.

  • Arleen

    I went to McDonalds and they said they never heard of the secret menu. I showed it to the manager and he said it doesn’t exist and that McDonalds would never have a post like this one. They would not let me order anything on the secret menu and they were not even very nice about it. I won’t be going back