Burger King Secret Menu

By on October 15, 2013

Once in awhile, everyone craves for a big greasy burger. Every time you do, always think WWBKD: What would Burger King do? And there you go, you have yourself an answer. It’s an unapologetically good one, at that, too! Just remember, everything in moderation. Too many Suicide Burgers might not exactly excite the health conscious.

Burger King Secret Burgers

Veggie Whopper
Rodeo Burger
Suicide Burger
Mustard Whopper

Secret Sandwiches


Ham and Cheese
BK Club

Secret Sides



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  • Andy

    you forgot the cheater…veggie burger with bacon…

  • Reese Kaine

    What IS the Suicide Burger?

  • Killer B

    The rodeo burger has been on their menu for 3 yrs.
    When was this article written?

  • ellen-l.

    and what is in each of these sandwiches?